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the potential of teams

We are passionate about helping organisations perform.  
We do this by developing high performance teams and leadership capability through solutions that are unique to you. 
Developing high performance teams

Maximize the performance of your team with tailor-made workshops and team coaching programmes.  We'll help you to build strong, high performing teams, that think strategically, embrace a culture of accountability and perform to their highest potential.  Whether your team has recently formed, or is facing a major change or period of growth and expansion, we can help your team develop the skills and capabilities to drive results.


Developing leadership

We build leadership capability that develops strategy and drives change whilst inspiring others.  Whether it is developing individual leaders, or senior leadership teams, we can help you build & strengthen individual and team leadership capabilities with interactive and engaging workshops and executive coaching.


Developing your unique solution

We tailor our programmes according to each organisation's needs.  Whether it is bespoke workshops, team coaching programmes, or executive coaching sessions by creating solutions that are grounded in the real-time issues of your business. 

Our Services


Team Performance

We believe that the key to achieving success is having a high-performing team. Our mission is to help our clients create and sustain team performance excellence. Our team of experienced professionals specialize in team development workshops using Core Strengths SDI 2.0, team develop workshops and team coaching programmes that are based on The LGC Team Performance Model. We help our clients get the most out of their teams, no matter the size or complexity. Our goal is to help teams reach their full potential and achieve success.


Leadership Development

We specialize in helping leaders reach their full potential. We focus on developing leadership presence, resilience, and emotional intelligence We provide leaders with the tools and resources to develop their people, lead strategic planning and set the culture of their organization. Leaders must inspire others to follow them while having the courage to have courageous conversations. We take a holistic approach to leadership development and are dedicated to helping individuals achieve their goals. 



We are passionate about developing leaders and teams to reach their full potential. We specialize in executive coaching, team coaching, and developing managers as coaches. We believe in enabling individuals and teams to reach their goals through meaningful conversations and collaborations. Our coaching experts have years of experience in the corporate world and understand the unique challenges that leaders and teams face. With LGC, you can trust that you will be guided in a journey of personal development, high performance, and meaningful conversations.

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