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Train the Trainer

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How to plan and deliver motivational training sessions

Whether you are an internal trainer, or a team leader who needs to deliver training to your team every once in a while, we can provide you with the skills and techniques required to deliver motivational training sessions.

The programme will be designed entirely to meet the needs of your organisation, and can be delivered on a one to one basis if required. Topics that you could choose to be included in your programme include:


  • Developing your style and presence

  • Use of voice

  • Body language 

  • Questioning techniques

  • Listening skills

  • Reaching all learning styles

  • Using ice breakers

  • Setting up and managing syndicate exercises 

  • Managing role plays

  • Using a coaching style to facilitate learning

  • Managing feedback

  • Managing group dynamics

  • Managing challenging situations

  • Using training aids

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Coaching & Mentoring


Develop a coaching and mentoring capability within your organisation

Research shows that 90% of top performing companies use coaching as a staff development tool. Whilst employing an external coach may be the best option for your Senior Executives, many organisations find that developing their own internal coaching resource has many benefits. 

Developing a culture where the predominant management style is that of coaching creates a much more motivated workforce who are able to problem solve and manage conflict without interventions from their seniors. 

Organisations where managers use coaching as a style of management are more resilient to change and manage transitions more effectively.

The programme will be designed entirely to meet the needs of your organisation, and can be delivered on a one to one basis if required. Topics that you could choose to be included in your programme include:


  • The difference between coaching and mentoring

  • Knowledge and skills and attitudes required of coaches and mentors

  • Agreeing boundaries and scope of the programme (contracting)

  • Coaching and mentoring models 

  • Coaching approaches

  • Developing powerful questioning skills

  • Developing active listening skills

  • Challenging your client and giving feedback

  • Record keeping

  • Evaluating your coaching

If you would like us to assist you with developing a coaching strategy and processes within your organisation we can help you:

  • Create a coaching strategy

  • Create a coaching process bespoke to your organisation

  • Plan how you will evaluate the effectiveness of the coaching

  • Select your internal coaches

  • Deliver our coach the coach training programme

  • Deliver our Coaching Skills for Managers training programme to your line managers

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TNA, Learning Design & Evaluation


Identifying training needs, designing training and evaluating its effectiveness

We are able to offer a full Training Needs Analysis, Training Design and Training Evaluation Service.

Training Needs Analysis


Our training needs analysis follows four clearly defined stages:

  1. We will work with you to understand your key organisational goals and objectives, and identify what skills your people need to have now, and in the future.

  2. We will develop role specific competences and performance criteria which are aligned with your organisational objectives.

  3. We will assess the current knowledge, skills and attitudes of your staff against these competences to identify the performance gap

  4. We will present a variety of learning and development solutions to close the identified gaps

Training Design

We will work with you to identify what you wish to accomplish through your proposed learning solution, who the stakeholders are, and the type of learner you are aiming your solution towards. We will also discuss and agree with you how you plan to validate and evaluate the effectiveness of the training. For training events and workshops, will develop a programme which includes facilitator notes, participant notes, and any pre-training work as required. We are also able to develop distance-learning materials. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


Training Evaluation


We are able to assist you in putting training evaluation processes in place to evaluate the effectiveness of the learning, and also to measure return on expectation and return on investment. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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Coaching Skills for Managers


The key to unlocking people's potential and inspiring change

Coaching is one of the most effective ways of increasing performance and successfully implementing change, and is an essential element of learning sustainability.

Coaching can motivate and inspire your people to go the extra mile and develop fully into their role, and can enable teams to work more effectively together, and take ownership of issues and problems as they arise. 

Our two-day programme provides managers and leaders with the knowledge and skills to successfully coach their staff to higher levels of performance. We will explore the skills and attributes needed by a coach and help you to develop excellent listening and questioning skills that will enhance your coaching sessions. We will examine several of the most commonly use coaching methods, and will introduce you to our 'In the moment' coaching method, which is designed to enable you to coach on the job and get quick outcomes within just a few minutes.

This programme is often run in conjunction with our Managing Performance programme, and can be tailored entirely to the needs of your organisation. We can also offer this programme as one to one coaching.


  • The difference between coaching and mentoring 

  • Benefits of coaching to the organisation, managers and staff

  • Establishing a coaching culture

  • Creating a sustainable learning model

  • Skills and attributes of a successful coach

  • Barriers and enablers of coaching

  • Coaching models and processes

  • Developing active and reflective listening skills

  • Using powerful coaching questioning

  • Transformational change techniques

  • Goal setting

  • `In the moment` five minute coaching method

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Recruitment Interviewing


How to hire the right person for the job

Selecting the right person for the job saves you time and money in the long run. Poor appointments can cost you valuable time in managing poor performance, and wasted money on induction, training and then re-advertising the vacancy when the new recruit leaves.

This two-day programme provides you with everything you need to know before you advertise the role, how to sift applicants, how to use behavioural interview techniques to gain insightful and factual evidence from the candidate, and how to assess applicants for suitability.

The programme is highly interactive and allows for interview practice sessions.

This programme can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation, and can be delivered as one to one coaching if required.


  • Identifying job competences 

  • Writing the job and person specification

  • Sifting applicants

  • Styles of interview

  • Gaining initial rapport with the candidate

  • Interviewing as a panel

  • Behavioural interview techniques

  • Interview questioning skills

  • Developing active listening skills

  • Reading unspoken messages from the candidate

  • Making your selection

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Creating Higher Performing Organisations


Welcome to the Organisational Development section of our website. Here you will find a range of learning and development solutions, and consultancy services that will enable you to develop your organisation's human capital to its fullest potential.

Higher performing organisations have Learning and Development and HR strategies and procedures in place that support the development of their staff, and a culture that enables people to reach their full potential in current roles, or roles planned for the future, and this will be under-pinned by good recruitment and induction procedures, and a robust performance management system.

Whether you require assistance with the whole L&D and HR function, or just a small part of it, we can help


Our expertise:

Within our team we have specialists who can assist and advise in all areas of L&D and HR. We have learning and development specialists, learning design specialists, qualified coaches and mentors, and HR specialists. We will work with you to understand your business needs and then introduce you to the specialist who is the best fit for your organisation. 


Example services we are able to provide:

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