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What is resilience?


Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from difficulties. Often also described as having the capability to bounce back from adversity, and cope better with change.   


Building resilient leaders and resilient teams is key to the wellbeing, and corresponding performance, of your people.

Resilience can be built by focusing on:

  • Purpose and Fulfilment

  • Positive Mindset

  • Supportive Relationships

  • Managing Problems

  • Managing Emotions

  • Managing Physiology

We will create a bespoke programme to meet your needs, which might typically include:

  • Building personal resilience workshop

  • Completion of RQi® (Resilience Quotient Inventory)

  • One to one feedback and resilience coaching

  • Building resilient teams workshop

Contact us for more details.

Stressed Man

'Resilience is not a trait that people either have, or do not have. It involves behaviours, thoughts and actions that can be learned and developed in anyone.'

American Psychological Association

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