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Leadership Development


Leadership is a demanding role, and it requires a number of key characteristics, such as presence, resilience, emotional intelligence and being results-orientated.


To be successful, leaders must be able to develop their people to their highest potential by providing leadership and leading decision making while setting the culture of the organization.  Leaders must inspire others to follow them while having the courage to have courageous conversations when necessary.  By developing these key characteristics, leaders can maximize the potential of their people and contribute significantly to the success of their organization.


When it comes to 'teaming' though, leadership doesn't just come from the team's official leader.  Distributed Leadership can be a beneficial way for different team members to take the lead according to their personal expertise, or perhaps as part of their development as leaders in their own right.

In Leadership teams, the concept of a ‘team of teams’ encourages collaboration and the creation of communities that facilitate information sharing and results in more comprehensive support for each other.


This form of organisation allows leaders to influence each other while also adapting more quickly to changes in environment or direction as they are making decisions. 

Leadership Development can take many forms: it could by a bespoke workshop, one to one executive coaching, or part of a larger team coaching programme.

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